idk who still follows this account omg BUT
ding dong hi im dropping everyone i play everywhere except for one character and when I get around to it I’ll disconnect their aims but if you want to talk to me! alangingercat or pokeandmirrors are your best bets ily guys so much

okay, hi to the like two people who are following me! my name is alan ashby, occasionally alen depending on who you are, and this one cute little shit named Perry James calls me dad. iiiiiiiiiiiiii dont know what else to say

my aim is alangingercat, if you want to buy weed from me 

i’ll follow everyone as soon as i get to a laptop!!! hi ily okay sits down and waits

in the meantime, if you’re from murdermachine and still following me, please stop doing that thing!

fuck now I wanna see frozen

unfollow the shit outta me please & thank

selfie to shamelessly promote the new album honestly 👽👽💽🎶

ok I’m bored ✌️👽

laughin at bitches who think they got game for “nailing down” a cheater


perry is the cutest baby to ever live

thanks DANNY devito

Follow me :(

I did the thing